20th anniversary of the democratic change


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Living history – defining moments, these clips bring you face to face with people who risked everything for freedom. Journalists who went against the party line over and over again, waiting for that knock on the door. People who linked arms in a human chain that crossed three countries in one day as testament to liberty. Border guards who had enough and turned a blind as hundreds of people crossed the iron curtain from Hungry to Austria. Students who came out onto streets only to find themselves being herded by tanks as escape routes were cut off behind them.

Now they look back from their place in a new European Union to a time where democracy was a battle cry.

Making the videos: 11 countries, one month, one crew – a logistical challenge Tipik audiovisual was keen to meet having proposed the idea of key interviews from the ground as best way to tell people how it really was in the year that changed the face of Europe. DG JLS agreed. The search for key witnesses to the events of 1989 was on.

Shot on HD in 16/9 , no one can watch these witnesses the fall of the Wall without feeling they are in the presence of truly remarkable people.

20th anniversary of the democratic change

20th anniversary of the democratic change

1989 when the wall came down: Tipik brings you face to face with the people who changed the future of Europe.


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