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  • Undeclared work Watch the video

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  • The Human face of ICT ResearchWatch the video

    The Human face of ICT Research

    A safer and healthier old age -- that is the aim of GiraffPlus, an FP7 project led by researchers at Örebro University, Sweden. With a focus of developing sophisticated aids for the elderly in close collaboration with the intended users, the project is now testing the new technology in real homes, such as the one of Nonna Lea in Rome. Thanks to Nonna Lea for opening us a door into her life. Her Blog: nonnalea.wordpress.com/

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  • Live Long and Healthy. Stay young. Watch the video

    Live Long and Healthy. Stay young.

    In 30 years’ time, there will be 150 million older people living in the EU. Where will you live? What kind of shape will you be in? Will you still be healthy and independent?

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