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  • A biologist under the microscopeWatch the video

    A biologist under the microscope

    Over the past years, Spain unfortunately has come to the fore as one of the major sufferers of the economic crisis. The world of science has not escaped untouched. Young, skilled, ambitious science graduates struggle with unemployment and may need to seek a career outside their own country. The region of Castile and Leon is using the European Social Fund to support young, striving scientists such as 27-year old biologist Carlos Jimenez Criado, who is now able to devote his passion to the advancement of cancer research – against all the economic odds.

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  • From lawyer to entrepreneurWatch the video

    From lawyer to entrepreneur

    She didn’t graduate in marketing or economics and yet she is one of Europe’s all too rare women entrepreneurs. As her employment prospects dimmed, 23-year-old Anna Plecha drew a line under her legal career to take advantage of a perfect gap in the market. Today she runs a kindergarten in Southeast Poland and is helping to create jobs.

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  • Building a ramp to successWatch the video

    Building a ramp to success

    When you are 22 years old, leaving college with no skills, no professional training, no orientation and no idea what to do with your life, the simple advice to “just follow your heart” may sound like a bad joke. James dared to turn pretty words into action and pursued his one and only passion: skate-boarding.

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